Our Process

We’re excited to help, from start to finish.

Our deconstruction concierge makes this process simple for you. We start with a solid plan, and our Sales Manager guides you through every step along the way.


First Steps

You request a quote. We typically reach out within 24 hours to give you a detailed overview of what to expect, and make inquiries about your property to develop an estimated timeline and help you determine if the project will be beneficial. Every structure has character, which means that every project is different, and our team is adept at caring for these unique features.


Dream Big

There’s value in everything: from flooring to rafters, windows to doors, lighting, kitchens, HVAC and beyond. This is the best time to investigate the value of the material in you home.  A qualified third party appraiser can provide the information you need. We prepare a free bid for deconstruction with a clear scope of work for you to share with your tax advisor. Once we get the green light to move forward, you sign our deconstruction agreement and we add your project to our schedule.


Building Removal

This is where we get to work. Deconstruction of a typical 2,000 square foot home lasts two weeks. During week one, our crew tackles the interior of the house before working their way out to the exterior and site cleanup in week two. Throughout this time, we share photographs with you so you stay updated on our progress. Our service brings you closer to having a blank canvas for your new abode.

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