Why Deconstruct?

It’s Real Simple.

Construction builds new structures. Deconstruction takes old ones apart and repurposes the materials. With deconstruction comes economic, environmental, and social benefits that do not exist in conventional demolition. Nearly 300,000 houses are demolished in the United States every year, leading to large-scale waste and an enormous missed opportunity for social impact and environmental conservation.

Every material in your home has value from whole pieces like cabinetry to individual parts like lumber. Deconstruction rescues many of these pieces and gives them new life. It’s a process that requires attention to detail, and our crew has mastered efficiency. Whether your home renewal project requires partial or full removal of the structure, Details is ready for it. Hiring us is good for people, the planet, and you. Being a Humanim social enterprise, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, means the items deconstructed may be considered a gift in-kind donation.

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Benefits of Deconstruction

Our team is highly skilled and ready to work.

While we travel up and down the East coast for our clientele, our staff and crew hail from Baltimore. Each worker is hired by the Details management team and receives specialized training. During removal, the crew is led by an experienced superintendent, and our Operations Manager oversees the entire project. The following lists what else you can expect from Details:

  • Details employees have OSHA 10 training, Fall Protection training, tool usage training, respiratory training, and each employee has been fitted for a respirator.
  • We carry the appropriate insurance to do our job.
  • Our employees are paid a living wage, have the benefits of paid time off, holidays off, participation in our retirement plan and the option to enroll in health insurance.
    are paid a fair wage, have the benefits of paid time off, holidays off, and the option to enroll in health insurance.
  • We’re registered to do business in several states and pay taxes for payroll in the states where we work.
  • Our crew arrives in uniform by company vehicle along with their superintendent. Tools, uniforms, and transportation are all provided by us.
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